Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Empty Shoebox Mentality

So let's say that we were standing outside of a stockroom that had a few hundred thousand shoeboxes inside. As we stand there, I inform you that somewhere in the multiple hundred thousand shoeboxes are six boxes that each contain a million dollars in them. I also tell you that you have as long as you like to look through the shoeboxes.

Would you get serious about looking for the six? If after five minutes you hadn't found the six, would you turn to me and tell me that they must not be in there? After ten minutes would you sit there holding an empty box trying to wish it was the right box? Or would you go at it, non-stop, until you found each of the six boxes? Would you even care if you went through the first fifty-thousand and found nothing? Would you stop looking if your friends came up to you and said you were crazy for working so hard to find the right shoeboxes? If you found one of the six boxes, would you stop looking for the other six if you were allowed to continue searching with no penalty? Do you get the point?

The people are out there. There are people right now that are out there hoping for an opportunity, hoping for a shot. I know, the naysayers will tell you that only certain people make it in "that thing" and whatnot, but where are there shoeboxes? If you saw the plan and it made sense to you, doesn't it seem realistic that it will probably make sense to someone else? Don't you think there are some people that you know or could meet that might be like-minded? When guys can get into the business six months ago and go Silver, I would have to say not only is the market NOT saturated, but that there are definitely other people out there that feel the way you do.

~"Let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." (Galatians 6:9)

Look, I'm definitely no Christian scholar, nor am I trying to pawn a belief off on anyone else, but take away the fact that it's a Bible reference. Doesn't it still make good sense? It doesn't just mean, "stick it out through the tough times," it means to reach success, you must remain cheerful and vigilant about the task at hand. Can you gain success if you lose focus on it? No way. Success does not just sneak up on people. The one thread connecting nearly all successful people is commitment. Commitment is best exampled by a consistent and persistent effort. If you do not grow weary in trying to succeed (in other words, if you maintain a consistent and persistent effort, equaling commitment,) success will come at some point.

Wishing the best in your businesses

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