Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Still alive - if you're still checking this out!

Hey everybody! Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. Thank goodness we live in a Country where we have the freedom to believe what we choose, chase our own dreams and succeed at the level we desire.

I've somewhat obstained from posting a bit because I for some reason, had it set in my head that every post had to be this multiple paragraph, super-informational diatribe, but on further thought, I think a simple consistent reminder that I continue to build my business powered by Quixtar along with updates of growth, etc. is enough.

For the record, the business is still growing. What I've had to learn to move towards success in this opportunity is what anyone would have to learn to obtain success in any industry: discipline and a work ethic. I don't know about you, but I'm not one of those people that can watch 10 minutes of TV and then turn it off and get the job done. Once it's on, I'm frozen for a half-hour. I can't just jump online and "check one thing." It's at least a four to five site journey every time I'm on. One of the things I've learned is that for me, I have to really delay some of the little things for the greater future.

In learning to understand this, the business moving forward PV wise. At last check in I was a 1500 pv'er. Well, we will finish July over 2500 and I'll have Eagle wrapped up before the end of the month. With the fast growth we've been putting into practice, we can actually go over in time to begin Q12 qualification for the next fiscal year if we do things right. Of course, that's a beneficial accomplishment and it will draw attention, but it's the team that is being put together under our umbrella that is starting Q12 qualification. I'll just be playing quarterback. In my eyes, entering Q12 qualification just proves my upline right, allows me to have a little more credibility when I'm helping people in my group and creates a pull for my frontline guys to want to move forward. Hitting 7500 pv doesn't retire me from my job, which is the long term goal, so to me it's a stepping stone. I'm trying to help some people hit that 7500 pv mark so they can fulfill their dreams. Mine will just be a by-product of their success and I'm excited about that.

Keep the posts and e-mails coming and stay strong! More to come...


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