Thursday, April 13, 2006

Time And Money

Because I haven't been given permission to use the names of the people affiliated with this story, I'm going to just tell the story and substitute some names instead. What I can tell you is that this is not a fourth-party story. I know the gentlemen involved personally and it wasn't a "brother's-cousin's-sister's-friend's-dog's-old Aunt Nancy" thing.

John and Ed are both involved in the opportunity and ended up awake late one night, talking to John's uncle. John's Uncle, who was 57, was already a successful businessman, owning boat companies and such, consistently keeping his nose to the grindstone. He related his story to John and Ed, telling them about the fact that he loved his wife so much that his plan had been to work 12 hour days, six and sometimes seven days a week so that he could amass enough of a nest egg, so that at 55 he and his bride could live out the next 25-30 years in style. Going where they want, doing what they want with no financial worries.

Then the Uncle paused and said, "the only problem is that she passed when I was 54." He followed by saying, "there are only two words to describe all the effort I put out - wasted time." He told Ed that if he had an opportunity to create time and money for himself, that he needed to take advantage of it now and as quickly as possible.

I don't know what most of you do for a living, but if there is any worthwhile advice that can be given, it's to find something that will help you create more passive income. Money isn't everything, but neither is being broke. The income is necessary to be able to live the way you want to live, but if you're just trying to accomplish it working 40 hours plus overtime for another person - it isn't going to happen.


How is it going? How close are you to Crown Ambassador now?

Not being rude, seriously.

But I am curious
I just started a blog site so that I could comment on this and other blog sites, whether pro IBO or not. But upon further thought and because of a comment you made , I have decided to dabble in blogging (meaning I'm not just dabbling in my biz). Your comment that really grabbed me was that you were glad that you never promised to post daily.

I read blogs both before and after my [now] wife and I started our business powered by Quixtar. I understand that both sides firmly believe in what they are saying. Thats the beauty of opinions. My wife made a comment one night when she discovered that I had spent the majority of the night reading blog sites on this opportunity instead of going out and building our future. I agree fully, and sometimes it takes that to get a man going. So, I will never blog my way into the "failure" that fuels anti-opportunity blog sites.

That being said, I am not anti-blog either. I know that people will investigate this opportunity whether we like it or not. I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion and 1st ammendment rights to free speech. I also feel that those investigating should be able to be well informed. So be informed, PEOPLE FAIL IN THIS BUSINESS!!! SOME people fail. So if you are investigating this or OneIBO's blog site to see if this is a legitimate business, the answer is this: YES!!! But it may not be for you. But it may be. And this is my opinion, but it is my experience that the people that listen to their growing upline and plug into the "system", will find success. Because they will become the person/leader they need to be to succeed.

SOME people fail. And SOME of those people will not take responsibility for their part in the lack of success. And SOME of those people will choose to voice their opinion of this opportunity while putting the blame/responsibilty onto biz.

I will try and share some things on my Quixtar experiences past present and future. Thanks your example. I hope your business is going great and that building it is the reason you haven't updated in a while. If you find the time, it would be great to hear from you. Keep on representing. Thank you.

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