Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's A Better Opportunity

I'm guessing that when you talk to a friend about this business, show the plan or do a follow-up, you sometimes here the same excuses that I sometimes hear. "Man, you had to get in that business a long time ago to be successful." "You can't make money in that anymore - it's saturated." I love it when I hear those excuses because it gives me a chance to at least inform, if not educate someone about the truth.

I was not in the business in the pre-internet days so I have no first-hand experience, however, did recently get some time around a guy at the Diamond-and-above level who was(for sake of anonymity, I'll leave his qualifications at that.) It is amazing how simple it is to build this business today vs. how it had to be built back then. Even something as simple as having a cell phone totally changes the business. It doesn't seem hard to wonder why some people who had experiences in with the old business might want to try to find fault, albeit grossly in error to do so. Today, I am constantly on the phone coaching and training new guys, while driving from place to place. How confused would they be if I wasn't readily available by phone? How inattentative can someone seem to be to their downline in a business like this when they don't have a way to be reached?

For those of you that don't understand (and there are still some of you out there,) this business used to be all paperwork and call-ins. Product pick-up and order forms. Here's how it was explained to me from the pre-internet mentor I got some time with: Say you're 5 in depth from the upline Platinum. You would put your order together and call that in to your direct upline, who would compile your order in with their other legs orders and call that in to their upline, who would do the same, on up to the Platinum in the group. That Platinum would then compile the orders of every person in their group and call it in to the corporation. Then, all the products would be delivered to the Platinum's house, and they would have to separate the products for each person in their group before having a "product pick up" day where you would have to go get your order (hence the term 'Direct Distributor' for Platinums and above.) Then the same thing would happen with ordering tools on the education side. He said that his wife spent anywhere from 30-40 hours a week on paperwork and product separation. And people went Emerald, Diamond, Double and so on in that system! It also makes it easy to see how too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the recipe and why there were so many issues with the old business. Not every person is upstanding and when you put that much in individuals hands, you're relying very heavily on accountability every step of the way.

Today, not only is the whole product ordering part online with the direct fulfillment system, but many organizations now have their tool ordering online as well. I don't know about you, but to me that makes this a better business opportunity. It even makes it a different business opportunity. Same parent company, sure, but so is Chipotle and McDonalds and for some reason their output is different. From 30 hours of paperwork to a couple minutes online clicking a mouse. How long does it take to register someone? 15 minutes? How long does it take to do a little overview at a coffee shop? 15-20 minutes? How long does it take to place an order for CD's online? 5 minutes? This is literally a business that you can spend 10-15 hours a week on and be very successful at. The open meeting system available across many organizations is incredibly powerful. It allows interested people to see that the business works. You can actually sponsor people in other states and be sure that they're getting the same access to support and supply as you are.

I'm sorry, but if people can succeed in a dinosaur paperwork and phone call business, people can succeed in the business the way it is now, and should do so faster. There is a guy in Illinois who is in Diamond qualification right now and has been in business just over 5 years. Due to the structure of his business, he could easily start EDC qualification while still in Founders Diamond Qualification and when he is recognized as a brand new Diamond, get recognized as a brand new EDC. Just taking an extra 10-15 hours a week to create an extra $50,000 a year is something you won't accomplish with a second job. Any way you cut it, today's opportunity is better than the old one by leaps and bounds.

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