Monday, October 02, 2006

A Key Ingredient

When people see this business and are trying to determine whether it's the right opportunity for them, there are usually two categories of questions that arise. One stream is generally about the validity of the opportunity: Is the opportunity real? Are the people involved real? Will they really try to help me? These are generally questions that fall into the "does the business/training system really work?" side. The other stream is just as important a line of questioning, and some would say more so because it is the prospective new business owner questioning their own ability and is usually summed up in one question: Am I the kind of person who can build this business? That is what this entry focuses on - a key ingredient to either being the person who is prepared to start building this business, or becoming that person. That key ingredient is self-image.

Self-image is vital to success in anything, and contrary to what some people think, is not determined by what other people think of you. There are people, that when they see this business, either don't have or falsely believe they do have a good self-image. It will take a willingness to improve your self-image to move on in this (or any other) business. Generally, people cover up a poor self-image by bullying others, being obnoxious or by acting snobbish. People that are very self-effacing also are usually playfully pointing out flaws they are very overly concerned about.

Ultimately, our choices in life determine our self-image. Yes, many people's self-image is originally determined by their upbringing, both in school and at home. However, maintaining a poor self-image once you're old enough to strengthen it is a decision. Sadly enough, the simplest things can hammer a decent self-image into submission.

College goers have all had the discussion with ourselves at some point when it came to a new semester at school: "I'm going to be the most prepared student ever! I'm going to read the syllabus on day one. I'm going to read ahead and outline important teaching points. I'm going to study for two hours every night - even on Saturday and Sunday." And we did - for about 2 weeks. Then all of a sudden we get invited to "the party of the year" and we think to ourselves, "it's just one night - I'll get back on the horse tomorrow." Of course, tomorrow comes and you're so blown out from the night before that you can barely sit up the next day, better yet study. BOOM: your self-image just took a hit.

Two nights later, the person you've been dying to ask out on campus just asked you to get some coffee with them, and it turns into a date that gets you back to the dorm so late you are too tired to pick up a book. BOOM: you just took another hit. The next day you start playing a pick up game of basketball and you get so into it that you play till about 10:30, roll into your room and crash on the bed. BOOM: your self-image just took another hit.

And before you know it, you've fallen behind. When you realize it, you want to catch up, but you also start beating yourself up inside. A lot of students don't ever recover when they fall of track like that.

The same thing exists in this business. You've set up 5-7 as your time to go out and make new friends, but when you go home, the couch and the remote keep sucking you in. BOOM: your self-image on being able to build this business takes a hit.

You mean to go to the Saturday afternoon training session, but you promised your buddies you'd go to the game with them. BOOM: your self-image on being able to build this business takes another hit.

You were going to go to the open meeting, but you were so worried about what your cross-line buddy was going to think since you missed the mechanics session, you skip the open meeting. BOOM: your self-image takes another hit.

It goes on and on and before you know it, you've been sucked out of the opportunity that at one point you planned on using to change your financial future. What improves a self-image? Action. Staying true to your word. Being accountable to yourself. How do you learn to start doing that? The books on the book list. If you can get committed to reading the books that have helped others become successful, there is a good chance the books will help you the same way.

Commit yourself, raise your self-image and change your financial future.


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