Monday, October 30, 2006

Simple Equation

Action Cures Fear. It's a pretty simple equation, although I don't think I can find the appropriate symbols on a calculator. It truly is a tremendous truth. If you've been around the business for more than a week, you probably understand that the list of people that you know to talk to about this business is going to run out at some point. When that happens, unless you've got a stable business sponsored and your goal is identified and already in, you're probably going to have to make some new friends.

Some people look at this like the biggest problem with the business. I look at it like the biggest opportunity. Why? Because I look at this opportunity as a gift. Just me saying that I was interested when my sponsor asked me has had not only a positive effect on my income, but on my personal growth, my friendships and my relationship with my spouse. For me not to share that with someone else just seems wrong and selfish. Of course, I won't pretend to be the contacting master, but I've contacted my way to the growth I've had and contacting is at some point necessary for nearly any IBO that wants to go Platinum or beyond.

That freaks a lot of people out. Many of us are not used to just meeting people out and about. The very idea of it scares people. Here's what scares me more: working for the next 40 years. Telling my wife she's got to ask for a raise to help make ends meet. Waving goodbye to my kids for the next umpteen years until they move out. That scares me a lot more than whatever some guy in a shirt and tie looking at movies in Best Buy thinks. Besides, the worst thing that has ever come of sparking up a conversation with a stranger, is them saying they aren't interested. No one, in two years, has ever laughed at me, yelled at me, called me a name or anything like that. People are often very polite, even when they aren't interested.

Regardless, many people still have an instant of doubt before they open their mouth. If I could offer up one thing: Action cures fear. Just say anything. Even if you screw it up, you can recover if you're honest about what you're asking. "Hey man, I'm sorry about mumbling there, but I'm just excited about this business team I'm working with and you seem like a sharp guy and a good fit for what we do. We're expanding and so I thought it would be crazy not to at least see if you ever keep your eyes open for other ways of making money." That recovers just about any flub. Usually, you end up flubbing when you try and say the perfect thing. The perfect line is always whatever falls out of your mouth. Action cures fear.

Here's the other side, lack of action increases fear. Think of the first time you tried to dive off a diving board. Regardless of the height, the longer you stand on the end looking over, the tougher it becomes. Once you dive off, hit the water and climb out, you realize, there was nothing to be afraid about. Action cures fear.

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